we decide. 

The truth is: we always have a choice. “Our job is to keep making upright decisions in life.” 

Sometimes we get options – we pick, and we choose. 

Sometimes we get opinions – we evaluate, and we choose. 

Sometimes we get opportunities – we discern, and we choose. 

We decide which path to take, which people to trust, which perspective to adopt. 

We decide which leader(s) to follow, which lesson to learn from, which lifestyle to live. 

We decide which values to uphold, which vision to chase, which victory to work for. 

Circumstances can’t change Convictions.  Problems can’t change Purpose. Conflicts can’t change character. 

And pre-made decisions are pre-made for a reason.
Everything I say is a decision. Every move I make is a decision. Every thought I think is a decision. 

“Your decisions determine your destiny.” “Every right decision made daily brings you one step closer to your destiny.” 

For the rest of my life… I pray to make right decisions – godly decisions. 

They make all the difference. 

don’t lose that idealism…

It’s been slightly more than a year… can’t believe it…So many things have happened, so many things have changed. Wow.

I remember the first time I met the first girl, that sense of overwhelming compassion and that feeling of excitement because I knew that she came for a reason.

I remember the first time I went to that place; the sights, the sounds, the smell. Lol. But more importantly, I remember the first follow up there, the first time I met the second, third and fourth girl. Oh, I remember the heartbreak and the revelation that they really need God…

I remember the happiness when they came for their first service… the tearing when I saw them lifting their hands and giving their lives to Jesus. I remember the simple conversations with them saying that Sunday was the best day of their week.

I remember the light in their eyes when we celebrated their birthday for the first time. I remember her first time seeing Christmas in Orchard and her first time at Coney Island. I remember bringing her to buy spectacles and her telling me it felt like her older sister bringing her out. I remember going with her to visit her grandmother and writing a letter to put alongside hers.

I remember the countless photos and visitations. I remember the worship sessions in the chapel with random peeping going through the window. I remember nearly crying because I saw them cry. I remember standing at the gate and praying over every girl and every room.

But most of all, I remember the gratitude I felt, the wisdom I learnt to possess, the faith & fight I grew to have, and the love I was given to give away…

Circumstances may inevitably have to change. But no matter what, I know there is hope (: Every single one has a destiny and a future and a hope… that is truth.

I truly believe that every seed sown will one day bear fruit. There is no way that anyone can forget after tasting and seeing the goodness of God.

Learn, grow, move on. I’m determined not to let go of this idealism…not idealism of the world, but a godly idealism… to keep on believing that in God, nothing is ever wasted or in vain. With God, we can make a difference and we can change the world. 🙂

So touched and grateful that there is a God who loves every single person. No life goes unnoticed and forgotten. Every life matters!


worthy to be praised

Lord I come into Your presence
Here I stand in awesome reverence
Falling before the wonder of Your name

Humbly Lord now I surrender
This offering to You forever
Take all I am and use me Lord, I pray

Make me what You want me to be
Teach me Your ways

I lay down my life for You
Throw down my crowns before You
Give up my all for Your name

My Saviour, how I adore You
Healer, my heart longs for You
Jesus, You’re worthy to be praised

Jesus You are Lord forever

faithful to the battles


2 Samuel 21:15 (NLT)
Once again the Philistines were at war with Israel. And when David and his men were in the thick of battle

David fought his first battle as a young boy, against Goliath…
Subsequently throughout his entire life, David fought many more battles…
And near his last breath, he once again fought in the thick of battle…

David was faithful to the battles
He never stopped fighting for God.
He never stopped fighting for the Cause he was called to.

Amazing how God can speak through the bible. (:
So challenged to be faithful to God’s battles…
Knowing that what I’m fighting for is worth it.

What Garrett preached today was so apt.
The unlikely hero makes mistakes…
The unlikely hero often feels not good enough…
The unlikely hero thinks in inadequacy…
Worried, but God’s word triumphs.
Insecure, but God sees potential.
Doubtful, but God is all-powerful.
Fearful, but God is peace.

I fight for destiny…
I fight for purpose…
I fight for faith, hope and love…

Faith…be faithful to the battles.
Each one counts.
Each one will bear fruit.

Be faithful to the battles. (:

look at that smile


“Every child saved with my help…, is the justification of my existence on this earth, and not a title to glory.” – Irena Sendler

What a woman.

Recognition gives you a right to boast. But revelation gives you a reason to breathe.

It’s tiring to chase after a hero’s reward. I’d rather chase after heaven’s reward.

Success is good. But only significance can put such a smile on a face with white hair and wrinkles.

I wanna die with this kind of smile. One look at her and you know she lived well. She lived knowing what she was alive for.

And I hope I live well too. I hope I live knowing why I’m living. I have decided, and I will follow –  no turning back. (:


before the paper,

That moment when you’re in the exam hall and it’s a minute before the invigilator says “you may start writing” –

I usually spend the minute before the paper either running through concepts in my head or just praying that I’ll stop being so anxious. But today it was different. Unexpectedly it became one of those ignited moments for me.

I remember Pastor How sharing that ignited moments come when we give up something to God, and God touches us.

A minute before the paper – I thought of people… The two girls who just completed follow up last week. The other two that I’ve known since 4 years ago. The new friends I’ve made over the past few weeks. The team that I live life and love people with. Every face has a different story, a real story. And gratitude just hit me. So, so grateful.

I asked myself if I regretted anything. Maybe the moments of lost nights when I KOed or the moments of procrastination…hahaha. But other than that… no regrets.

So right there in that minute before the paper, I told God that I am grateful. I said thank You – because it is such a privilege to live for God and for others.

Then, I told God that if I had to choose, no matter what the score or the GPA, I would choose this epic, radical, roller-coaster life all over again. I would choose people again. I told God I would choose Him – again and again.

I’m determined that it’s possible to do well and do good. And that’s my goal… but sometimes, you just got to know if you had to choose, what would you choose?

I guess I knew for sure today. No turning back. 🙂

(now….back to words & sounds of English, yipeeeeee)


every day;

every day is another fight of faith.

it’s one thing to be happy and another thing to have joy.

I’ve come to realise that I can’t be happy all the time, but I can have joy.

Smiling when you don’t feel like it isn’t always pretence…
It is a decision that emotions will not and cannot affect the people around you.
It is a declaration that no problem can take away the victory that has already been won.

So even when I don’t feel like smiling, I got to smile…
Because there is a reason to smile, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

So even when I don’t feel like being around people, I got to be there…
Because people need to be loved more than I need to be by myself.

So even when I don’t feel like I’m good enough, I got to give my best…
Because the God I’m living for deserves nothing less.

So even when I don’t feel like things are going well, I got to trust and have faith…
Because God had, has and will always have the final word.

Feelings are fickle…
Convictions are firm…

every day is another fight of faith.

today is the day of salvation

Today, God reminded me of the verse: 2 Corinthians 6:2

For God says,
At just the right time, I heard you.
On the day of salvation, I helped you.”
Indeed, the “right time” is now. Today is the day of salvation.

God’s word never, never, never fails.

I’m so touched and so in awe… so many people whose lives have been lighted up. Truly unspeakable joy.

Also…took a photo with the whole ACS (Int) Group today and I just felt so grateful to be able to witness and be a part of such greatness. I’m so so proud of Fel. (:

And this is only the beginning (: Wow.

I really love God, people and life a lot. ((:


New season, new faith.001

I have a whole lot of things to do tonight but I just had to drop this somewhere:

What a privilege it is to be in Testimony ministry…story after story, each one moves me so much. Each leaves me thinking, wow, my God is so real. Every story is so precious to me, what more to God. Oh I love my ministry.

And… all the conversations, meals, etc… looking at a life changed – no doubt still work in progress (just like I am too) – to see the smile on her face and the light in her eyes, to sense the hope in her heart and the revival in her spirit… nothing makes me happier. I would do this over and over again. Life after life. Destiny after destiny.

Best life. I thank God for this every single day. It could have been anyone else.

Because I know this, I will love a little more. Pray a little longer. Lift my hands to believe again.

Excited for what is coming. New season. New faith. 🙂


I’m thinking…

A few prominent thoughts featuring at the moment…

1. I’m really grateful for everyone and everything in my life.

2. It’s a new season.

3. The value of my comfort zone is nowhere close to the value of a single soul.

4. I got to rise up in faith and focus on what’s important.

5. I’m so excited for Easter.

6. It is a privilege to be able to be doing what I’m doing.

7. It’s always about God. It’s always about people.

9. Half the input, twice the impact.

10. 1000 souls. ACT 4000.

11. Love always wins.