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moved here because tumblr is becoming too “commercialised” for me, for lack of a better word. what I write just doesn’t suit tumblr, to me. Hahaha. Anyway…

remember that vision, to see this person and that person step into church with you? I believed that it was from God (and I still do.)

a vision from God is powerful because it is God revealing to us that it is definitely possible.

but because God is an others-centred God, when we drown in our own self-consuming thoughts, that vision will fade.

have you ever thought about what a privilege it is for God to want to use you to impact lives and bring a revival?

even if we choose to let go of the calling, I’ve always believed that somehow, God will call and raise up another person to move through…

but I think it’s the saddest thing to miss what you were first called to do. That’s why I want to give my life to building the dreams of others.

don’t forget the visions that God gave to you.


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