a day in Your courts is better than a thousand in the world

On the way to church today, I have to admit I was a little afraid…of the possible horrible things that could have happened, all the scenarios playing in my head.

but I made it and stepped into church, and my spirit just lifted.

Spent 15 minutes talking to someone about having faith; while it was rushed I was happy because I really wanted to since awhile ago. she was one of the reasons why I told myself I had to have the courage to come today, no matter what. (:

Most importantly, service. the presence of God. I always tell myself that it is such a privilege to have a worship team like the one we do in hoGc, and the congregation. everyone’s just pulling down the presence of God and God is just there, you can feel Him so tangibly. no where else is there the same peace, no where else is there the same joy, no where else is there the same clarity.

The word was so powerful, but the man of God was even more so. could just feel the passion for preaching the gospel in his spirit. You know, you don’t have to shout and try to be funny and entertaining when you preach. there weren’t many jokes, there wasn’t anything special in his style, but I was so captivated. by the substance he had, by the love he had for the word of God, by the raging fire burning inside of him that shone in his eyes for Jesus. you could just tell he knows what he’s living for, and this purpose is what keeps him going despite the trials. respect. honour.

The last worship song, I just stopped and looked beside, behind, in front, around me. Just looked. and I wanted to cry – because I just felt so grateful. I’m part of this family that is living for something greater than life itself. church isn’t just an organisation we go to every week. it isn’t a teaching session that simply gives us principles to apply in life. it isn’t just another gathering with friends. I’m part of a family, an army, that is called to witness, bring salvation to the lost, build the kingdom of God – the only thing that knows no end.

I used to be someone who thought that all I needed in my life was to do well in everything, please everybody, look the prettiest I could. How superficial. Truly, God has put eternity in our hearts. There’s always a cry for something more, something greater, something eternal. For ourselves to leave a legacy, for ourselves to make a difference.

One conviction I will always have in my life, is to do what I was made to do. Just like how Jim Elliot aptly said: “When it’s time for you to die, make sure that all you have to do is die.” 

Your mercy found me, called me as Your own.


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