before I sleep

tired… mondays are always long days. but I’m happy. (:

was running for awhile in the evening today and I felt this sense of clarity that totally made my day.

one of the best things in the world is to have people who believe in you. really. just that one comment from Pastor How, and it encouraged me so much. his words have been ringing in my head. not really because I feel special or anything, but because I know someone believes in me. that means so much. (: and that’s why I believe in others too.

sometimes in life we hold on to things so tightly because we are afraid of losing them. but just like parents and kids, there comes a point where the harder we grip, the more they will go. I’ve realised that I’ve been holding on to some things too tightly – maybe it’s out of love but still, I need to learn to let go. it’s time to lift up my eyes and look at other things that I should be putting more attention on. sometimes we worry that when we let go it will be gone forever – but in my heart I believe that if you have given your best, nothing will go to waste, what we sow we will reap.

I will let go; but when I’m needed, I’ll be here, for sure. (:

Right now, geatest desire in this season of my life is to E X P A N D:

Expand my heart to love more and greater.

Expand my mind to think bigger and further.

Expand my spirit to engage deeper and stronger.

And somewhere inside of me, there’s a fire burning, a voice screaming with passion… for a new generation. a different generation. significance over success. deep bench.

I lift my hands. Oh God, use me!!


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