love my life

Went running with Jieru and Euginia today. Great time with them (: Was talking to Jieru and we realised how we run together once a year. Pretty amazing.

First time, it was with her alone – I remember me telling her how frustrated I felt because of my limitations as a 15 -year-old, and she told me she understood; she told me: “everyone is waiting for you to grow up…we are all so excited to see what you can do in the future”.

2 years later, I still remember what she said so clearly. Because it made such a big difference to know that someone cares about my future, someone cares about my dreams, someone like my leader who has so many things to do, cares enough to spend time with me and speak into my life. Up till today, whenever it gets tough, I remember what she said to me and it just keeps me going. Because I remember that there are people in my life who believe in me and my destiny in God. (: grateful…

Last year, it was with Fel Lim. This year, it was with Euginia. And each time, I saw how Jieru always speaks into the life of people around her. Just 2-3 hours with her, I always learn so much, even when she isn’t talking directly to me. She doesn’t preach, she doesn’t disciple, she doesn’t teach. Her questions, her advices, her lifestyle – it speaks enough for itself. Jieru has so much substance, and she genuinely loves people around her. This is why she is my role model. (:

In short random pockets of time, Zhilin taught me how I can be a better leader and grow in how I look at situations in life.

In a 1+ hour dinner, Lynette affirmed me, and expanded my mindset.

In every 1+ hour SOW lesson, Dominic showed me what it meant to worship God and honour Him, what it meant to be drawn and immersed in the presence of God.

In 1 minute, Pastor How bumped into me outside the admin office and asked about my life, encouraged me and told me:  “it’s okay even if you lose a few battles, because you will win the war”.

In 10 seconds, Pastor Lia looked up to the 13th floor when she was at the 12th floor and recognised me, called my name and asked me what I was doing – even though she was about to leave church already.

I pray that I will be like my Pastors and leaders. Really really treasure every moment I have with them. Thank God for them…I have done nothing to deserve such amazing people in my life. (: all I can do is to be grateful, give back and give to others the same that I have received. My desire is to be able to impact lives around me just like them. To be able to make a difference and bring faith, hope and love to others around me just in a few hours, a few minutes, even a few seconds. God, use me…(:

JC is a time where it is crazy and busy…but it is also the time when we build the greatest convictions, where we build our character. God spoke to me so clearly that this season of my life, it is time to prepare. Prepare for the future, prepare for greater things. Enlarge. Because I need to be ready. Titles don’t matter. Grow in character, convictions, faith. God will settle the rest. (:

The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but deliverance is of the Lord. – Psalm 21:31

Excited. Things are not always easy but I know all things are gonna work together for good. I believe for greater things for the CG, LR zone, HOGC; for my family, my school. I can see it. I can sense it. No time to be bogged down and distracted by negativity, jealousy or insecurities. Think bigger. (:

Love my life. Thank you Jesus. (:


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