I can

just realised Promos are in 31 days. omg. and I just baked awhile ago haha..

really gotta study hard and give my best. Firm believer that I can do well and do good at the same time…but I really need to study H.A.R.D.

so easy to let the pressure build up especially when I step into school and hear everyone talking about it, stressing about it; see people mugging etc. etc. etc… but the past few months I have this assurance in my heart that no matter what, it’s gonna be okay, the end point will be good. the presence of God always assures me, never fails to encourage me and affirm me. somehow I just know my future is secure. truly a peace that surpasses all understanding. grateful…(:

sometimes I get doubtful. sometimes I get tired. but who doesn’t? it’s just a matter of how long you choose to dwell in those emotions and feelings, and how quickly you choose to get yourself up and out into the realm of faith all over again. the joy of the Lord is my strength. so many times I’m tempted to just have a stone face and stop smiling, so many times I’m tempted not to reply smses on my phone, so many times I’m tempted to just stop caring and retreat into my own world…

but that’s too selfish. and that’s not what I really want. it’s all temporary emotions. I know what I want. and that is to be someone who radiates faith, hope and love – to myself and to others around me. to be others-centred. (: self-absorption and self-centredness is a human thing. but we are not meant to be subject to human nature. we are created in the image of God. we should be of God-nature. and it’s not a matter of how spiritual and holy you are. it’s simply a choice.

physically, and slightly mentally exhausted. but just gonna push on a little more. just a little bit more. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (:


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