I realised that sometimes it’s not about wanting to be appreciated. No wonder that logic was funny to me because it sounds too self-serving and self-centred.

After thinking about it I don’t think it’s appreciation that we need most of the time if we do things for others out of real love, because if you really love someone you don’t expect anything in return (though this definitely does not mean I am undermining the importance of gratitude)

But I think many times it’s actually a need to know that you have made a difference in one way or another. To feel like whatever you did was not wasted, that it actually helped and changed someone’s day, or even life. And it’s only when they express appreciation that you really know that you made a difference.

That’s why I love it when people tweet, Instagram or text messages telling others what they did that they remember, that they’re grateful for. It’s really so important…or maybe it impacts me more becos my language of love is words. Haha.

On the other hand, learning to get affirmation from God and God alone. Sometimes loving others can really drain you and leave you empty and tired. But run back to the living waters and drink again. Love, mercy and grace will overflow. (:


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