happy birthday, Pastor How

so many things I want to thank my Pastor for… here are just 20 of them. (:

1. For being the Pastor of heart of God church. There were so many circumstances that could have stopped him from being one, but he (together with Pastor Lia) fought every obstacle and discouragement for heart of God church to be where we are today. I honestly have no idea what I would be like if not for heart of God church.

2. For preparing the best sermons. From the first sermon I heard from Pastor How in 2009, up till the last sermon I have heard, every one teaches me, grows me, and brings me to a whole new level. My mind, heart and spirit expands each time he preaches. I know that it is not easy for this level of dedication and I am so grateful.

3. For constantly giving his best. No matter how busy, no matter how tired, no matter how sick even, every single sharing and message preached by Pastor How is always top-quality, his 100% best if not more. Especially weekends where he preaches for all 4 services. Giving his best to know as many people as he can in church. Giving his best to planning for the church. I can go on..

4. For being others-centred. The “Others” sermon changed my life, but Pastor How living out the sermon changed me even more. He preaches 5 services over 3 days during special big-day weekends just because he wants our friends to get saved in the best environment possible, even though it may be tiring. He arranges meetings no just to suit his own schedule, but considers the time that is best for people both working and schooling alike. And obviously, how Pastor How loves and cares for others above himself…I don’t need to elaborate any further.

5. For loving God. Whenever I see how Pastor How loves God with all his heart, all his mind, all his strength – it makes me wanna love God even more. It is Pastor How who made me realise that I needed a greater revelation of the love of God, and made me realise how much I need God in my life.

6. For fearing God. Above loving God, I see how Pastor How fears God, how he reveres the presence of God, how he puts God first in every single area of his life. He inspires me to do the very same.

7. For giving God his best years. Because of Pastor How making a decision to give God his best years, I, along with many others have made this same decision that is going to bring us into our destinies in God. He first set the example for people like me to follow and now, it is my vision to lead others to do the very same because that’s what life should be about..

8. For showing that Christianity is so relevant but yet is still spiritual. The balance between spirituality and relevance is something that I never understood before I came to hoGc. Every weekend as Pastor How preaches, or even when he just wraps up after a guest speaker, I realise how real God is in my life.

9. For teaching about the high call. It made all the difference in my life because it was when I decided to stop chasing for temporal achievements on earth and run after the crown of Life instead.

10. For being humble. I remember wondering how it could be possible for Pastors to be so humble despite so many people telling them how much they have done for them. And I am constantly amazed by my Pastor’s big-heartedness, broad perspective and understanding that where he is today is only because of God and God alone. Everytime I feel any bit of pride that possibly creeps in, I think of Pastors, and I am brought back to a place of humility.

11. For believing in young people. Countless numbers of examples of how I see Pastor How putting so much faith into young people and believing that they can do great things. HOGC has all the young leaders because Pastor How and Pastor Lia first believed in youth.

12. For being unafraid in letting God use a generation to give to building fund. The first time I really talked to Pastor How was when I gave my BF testimony in 2011, and I will never forget how he said that “we gotta think how much a girl sacrificed just to pay for that chair you are sitting on”. It struck me how Pastor How doesn’t take any youth for granted.

13. For believing that young people are leaders of today and not tomorrow.

14. For teaching about sustainable idealism. It is what keeps me grounded and yet daring to dream and have ideals in life.

15. For showing me how to dream big. Pastor How has always told me I am a leader. It is Pastor How who told me I can, and I will be a ZM even when I never really thought I could.

16. For believing in me.

17. For encouraging me. With over 2000 people in church following Pastor How on twitter and instagram, there is no reason why he needs to reply to my tweets or comment on my photos. But Pastor How does, and he encourages me each time. I will never forget each one. (:

18. For looking out for me. I remember how when I broke my leg, Pastor How DMed me on twitter asking me when I could walk again, sent me a bear together with Pastor Lia. I also remember when I walked past him outside the admin office, he stopped me and asked me about my life and gave me advice that I really needed to hear.

19. For being real. There has never been a moment when I saw Pastor How doing anything out of an aim to please people, or simply to be likeable. He is genuine in every way possible and it captivates me because I see how an ordinary man can do extraordinary things for God.

20. For giving people like me the opportunity to build heart of God church together with him and Pastor Lia. It is my greatest honour and privilege to build something so significant for the rest of my life, for eternity. I have done nothing to deserve this and yet by the grace of God I was called to build this church…

Jim Elliot _ no fool

Thank you Pastor How. You and Pastor Lia are the best Pastors I could have ever asked for in this entire lifetime. (:


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