love always wins

just had a short conversation with Harry after not talking to him for awhile and I am just so happy (: (:

being able to have the privilege of bringing him to church and seeing him loving God and having faith is up till now, the best thing that has happened in terms of my time in VJ. believing for more…believing for greater things.. (:

– on another note..

what makes us vulnerable as humans is our emotions. emotions are the reason why we experience feelings of hurt. they are the reason why when someone says something, does something, or fails to, it can affect us and make us feel sad, frustrated, angry, confused..

we are all prone to being hurt by people. so often have I heard people saying that they don’t want to let people in anymore because when they do, they end up being disappointed. so often have I seen people withdraw to themselves because they feel betrayed, uncared for. so often. too often. and today, I wondered why..

when we are hurt we have the tendency to have the mindset that we are all alone. the mindset that someone has let us down. I’ve seen this turn to bitterness, against people, against humanity, against life. I’ve seen this on the contrary, turn to self-blame, self-hurt, depression. I’ve seen this end up in an inability to trust, an inability to love, and inability to run forward.. and it breaks my heart.

because when you take on a victim-mentality, you indeed are the victim. but the oppressor is not who you think it is. you are your own victimiser. and that’s the most scary thing.

everyone is susceptible to being hurt. it is impossible to love and not be hurt. it is impossible to have deep relationships and not be hurt. that’s just how it goes. because humans are humans. humans are imperfect. and I don’t know but I always believe that behind every person who hurts another is a story; there’s always a reason, there’s always something that happened, or not, it is a misunderstanding.

but it’s a matter of how we deal with it. whether you allow yourself to dwell in self-pity, or whether you just get up and move on. hurt is not supposed to be a determinant of how much we can love others..

We are no different from any other person when we love those who love us. to know the love of God is when we are able to smile and forgive even without being given an apology. it is when we are able to give unreserveredly to the people who take in that manner. it is when we are able to offer help those who inflicted hurt. it is when we love the unlovable..

I said that emotions make us vulnerable. but remember that it is emotions that allowed us to feel loved too. whenever there is hurt, remember. remember those who have sowed into your life. remember those who have given to you when you had nothing, who filled up the lack in your life even when you didn’t realise there was a void to fill. remember those who went out of the way to meet your needs.

remember how you have hurt the One who died for you so many times, how you have disappointed Him, how you have let Him down…and yet His love for you stays the same.

Love never fails. Love always wins.

Don’t be afraid to love again.


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