the greatest assurance

I realised awhile ago, that for every service Pastor Lia has preached in her sermon series on “Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death”, I have been personally prayed for by her. Each and every one thus far. So, so blessed. So privileged. So grateful. Each time, she speaks something right into my heart that I really need to hear.. (:

Yesterday what she spoke was so significant.

“Walk your own walk. You cannot save the others. But you can walk your own walk.” 

This has been ringing in my head ever since yesterday. Faith, you gotta walk your own walk. 

Sometimes in life you want to do something for others so badly, but at the end of the day, realise is their own walk. And ultimately, the decisions they need to make are up to them, not us.

Influence is never something one imposes on another. Influence is subtle. Influence is the ability to inspire and evoke change without having to explicitly state to do so.

Let my life be a quiet testimony. The most powerful testimonies are not on stage. The most powerful testimonies are the lives that speak the loudest through how they are lived out.

One life is for You. And You alone. The greatest assurance I have in my life, is knowing that God is in control. (:


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