“the heart of every human problem…

is the problem of the human heart.” – Canon J. John

This quote is not only memorable but the truth in it is undeniable.

guardyourheartguardyourheartguardyourheartguardMYHeart – been repeating this to myself again and again and again

because I need to remember.

the metaphor of the love bank is more accurate to me now than I’ve ever known it to be. you can give out as much as you receive. you know those people who don’t seem to love others? those people who are self-centred, self-absorbed and self-pitying? if you don’t understand them, you would think they are selfish, you would think they are too narrow and small-minded. you would think it’s their problem and they need to just stop thinking about themselves and see a little more joy in the world to love others.

and well, maybe a part of that is true. because life is a lot about perspective.

but you know, maybe it’s because they have no love to give. maybe it’s because their love bank is empty. maybe even in debt. what do you know? that’s why I always refuse to judge as much as I can (judgemental doesn’t = discerning). when a love bank is at 0 – negative 106, what can you expect?

I’ve been kind of confused and unsure about what to think and what to feel and all of this imbroglio is just


I question. I question myself and the motives I have. I question myself and the reasons for me doing what I do and saying what I say…and I get scared. because one walks in, and starts walking out. because one takes, and doesn’t give back. because one promises, but breaks. because…

yeah. I’m scared.

You, Lord, will always
treat me with kindness.
    Your love never fails.
You have made us what we are.
Don’t give up on us now!

– Psalm 138:8 (CEV)

no matter how strong one is, no matter how great one is, no matter how mature one is, the love of God is an essential. it is key for life, not just existence. it is an absolute. it is fuel. those who run without it will be weary; those who walk without it will faint.

Nothing can separate / Even if I ran away / Your love never fails

running back. back to Love.


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