1 life > infinite certificates

packed my book-cupboard today, and saw my file of certificates & result slips accumulated from over the years. to be honest I am really amazed at whatever that I achieved in the past – totally skeptical that the girl who owns them is was me.

for awhile I felt a sense of…nostalgia? or should I say wistfulness.

but then I went running (running just helps me think, doesn’t it?) and the voice that always brings me back to perspective spoke:

“is a life not worth more than those certificates?”

life past

if you know me well enough, you will know why this picture shows the vast contrast between the outside and the inside, to put it plainly. this is not being posted to gain attention, but more of a blatant reminder to myself to remember where I’ve come from.

I am brought back to a place of gratitude and awareness that all those achievements are of earthly value, providing temporal glory, incomparable to the things of eternity that would last forever. the opportunities that I have had – to meet and build a relationship with the people i have met thus far – they are irreplaceable and I would never trade those relationships for anything in the world. giving follow up in the midst of tests and projects, spending time with them before the day of my exam, typing on my phone with my eyes half-closed. it has never been an obligation or a task or something I felt I had to do. but because I want to do it, I love to do it, and I just love the people.

I can look into any of their eyes and tell them that they are worth more than everything I did and can ever do. whatever I left behind, I do not regret.

No turning back. He is no fool to give what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.


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