walk your own walk

some circumstances and situations that we find ourselves in are quagmires we cannot really understand.

today was just one of those days that started off great; smiling was easy and laughing was a natural feat.

yet we all know that the day comes to an end, the night approaches, and often circumstances and situations change as well.  one thing I have noticed, is that besides processes like the evaporation of water and whatnot, changes are generally induced by the interaction between people and other people, or their environment.

my heart sank twice tonight. for two very different reasons.

one thing I really need to say though –

one has the liberty to express his opinions, but you do not use it as a channel to make subtle judgements in the process.

one has the freedom to reveal his own experiences, but you do not generalise personal experience to make communal assumptions. 

one has the right to comment and share his thoughts, but you do not devalue my home, nor do you insult my family.

God, walk with me alone. because this is my own walk, and no one should walk it for me, nor should anyone keep me from walking on.


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