happy birthday Euginiaaaa :D

it’s 3.43am and I am not sure if what I type is going to make sense but I really really want to (:

I don’t even remember when I first talked to you – the first time I recall really having an actual conversation with you was walking from your school to paya lebar MRT.

I remember being awed by your simplicity. do you know that people like you our age are so hard to find? in every good way possible. so many people I know are complicated, and it’s not their fault nor is it wrong – but because you are simple, you are so genuine, and that’s why I (and so many other people) love having a friend like you.


it’s funny how we have a seemingly continuous conversation that has not ended since promos – you’re constantly appearing in my ‘messages’ on my phone. and yes, do not kill me for the picture above. honestly, it was pretty entertaining. hehe. what friendship does to you.

I’m grateful that we’ve gotten to know each other so much better. you don’t realise it, but the little things you do and say reveal such a big heart on the inside of you. you love God because you love God. you love people because you love people (omgz thank you for the red bean pancake hehe). it’s just like that. you never have motives, you do things unconditionally for others not expecting anything in return. and it’s something that I see as incredibly admirable. you are going to be a great leader and I cannot wait to see what God will do for you, in you and through you. (:

so looking forward to the next few months, years living life together with friends like you! that’s why I love heart of God church. friendship goes beyond age, environment, circumstances. (: wheee!

happy birthday Euginia. thank you for being the person and friend that you are. you inspire me. (: love you!

and one day you’re gonna say bye to me and hop into your parents’ car outside our new church premise. 🙂


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