whenever I am discouraged or have something to be upset about, I remember to be grateful. (:

I love looking at instagram and seeing people expressing their gratitude to others. not sure why. these few weeks people have been posting photos thanking Pastors & their leaders (who soooo deserve it) and they just make me happy. 😀

I remember Sijie, Charmaine and Jamie posting photos on instagram to thank me for something not very significant and each of them really made my day. more than that, I am even happier when I remember what I should be grateful for.

really had a great day today yesterday (technically today is Tues already heh) – completed WR for project work, and more importantly, spent time with 2 of my favourite people (or monkeys). Fel & Sijie are just one of the few people I will never get tired of hanging out with. (: the first girl’s gonna do well for her IGs, and the second is going to promote to Sec 4. I believe it. (:

Thank You for the best Pastors.

Thank You for amazing leaders.

Thank You for incredible friends.

Thank You for the salvation of my parents & sister.

Thank You for heart of God church.

Thank You for You. (:


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