happy birthday kimberly! <3

I’m writing this before the clock strikes 12 in hope that the words I want to say come out fast enough (by right they should!).


my spectacles look extremely weird here but I love this pic because it was one of the most happiest moments of my life to see her getting baptised.


I don’t really remember when we first met, nor how we became friends – i just remember that it happened at a really young age. she clearly remembers a lot more than I do *guilty* – but one thing that makes this friendship so special to me is the fact that we have grown up together, somewhat, despite her moving from country to country.

the strange thing is that one of the earliest recollections I have of us were the awkward tensions because of childish misunderstandings (which happened really long ago, btw) ; and maybe that’s why I have the impression that friendship only started after the gorilla postcard (which only she would understand).

now will come a stream of seemingly random phrases/sentences that might seem peculiar to most –

chili sauce on chicken rice @ the Habourfront Food Court.
drawing, doodling & passing notes in the GV cinema hall.
jellybean and apple.
miss sunshine and miss moonie.
imagination running wild in the pool.
psle results over msn.
heart of God church.
movies sharing popcorn and nachos and cheese.
high school musical 3.
royal princess & her yogurt advisor.
photo booth on mac.
mrt rides.
text messages.
tearless “My Sister’s Keeper”
passion of the Christ.
adventure time & how i met your mother.
killing the cockroach.

so many I missed out – each one tells (a) story/ies and there is no one else I would rather have those stories made with. (:

(I am so not finishing this by 12 midnight, failllllllll) 

she is the one who forgave my disgustingly self-centred attitude as a primary school kid and was still willing to be my friend.

she is the one that gives me the prettiest cards and the most thoughtful presents, ever since 5 years ago. (books, earpiece, CD, flower-print dress…)

she is the one who makes me laugh even when I don’t feel like it.

she is the one who listens to my rambles and never ever judges.

she is the one who encourages me and yet never flatters and tells me what I need to hear.

she is the one who takes the bus from Pasir Ris interchange when it is faster to alight at Tampines so I have company.

she is the one who did a cover of my favourite hsm3 song for me a year (or more?) later after watching it in the cinemas to bring me through my exams.

she is the one who praises my baking and cooking with comments that my food obviously does not deserve.

(oh darn I just finished whatsapping her happy birthday because I’m taking too long to write this 😦 ) 

she is the one who gives in to watch high school musical with me when she would obviously prefer a pirates of the caribbean marathon (that I promise we will have soon).

she is the one who comforted me whenever there was shizz going on at home.

she is the one who I can always be myself with.


I can write and write but I feel like sometimes I write too much and it becomes an overkill. so at the end of the day, I just want her to know that:

1. My life will be incomplete without her (incomplete is an understatement).

2. I am so so grateful to her.

3. She is the friend I never had.

4. Her birthday is so important because it’s her birth-day.

5. Being 18 makes it even more special.

6. I can’t wait for the many more decades of birthdays to celebrate with her.

7. I love her just the way she is.


happy birthday, kimberly. (:


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