happy birthday muying :)

to one of the best role models I could ever ask for:

thank you for being the one who has attempted to surprise me the most number of times – no one has ever surprised me (or tried to hehe) as many times as you have.
i remember how you asked me what time I was leaving the house and whether I would be at the mrt just to pass me a card and ribena sweets before my piano exam.
i remember how you tried asking my sister if I was home and telling me a few minutes later how she had failed you as a spy.
i remember how you tried ringing the doorbell not knowing it was spoilt and ended up calling me to tell me you were outside my house because i thought your knocking was construction work.
i remember me opening the door to see you in the midst of writing on a card at 1120pm on my birthday.

i remember. (:

thank you for being the one who defined for me what the word “patience” and “loving others” means through your life. you have told me I am someone who has a heart for people, and I want to tell you that you are the one who were one of the first to show me how.
you noticed how I hate spending on myself and bought me a top and a jacket for christmas and my birthday just so i would have more clothes to wear.
you knew exactly what to get me when i broke my foot – cereal, bars, vitasoy, peanut butter —  all healthy stuff to make me smile and feel better.
you never fail to avail yourself for me to turn to, whenever I need someone. phone calls and virtual conversations with you have changed my life.
you reply my emails despite your busy schedule.
you believe in my dreams and do what you can do make my dreams come to pass.

you never ever fail to put others before yourself.
you give your 200% no matter how tired you are and you never complain nor vent your frustration or lethargy on anyone.
you smile and are always understanding even if it is hard to understand.
you always want the best for others. you make sure everyone is included and no one is left out.

thank you for bringing me closer to God. you are never hesitant to share your revelations, inspire me and bring me to a new level.
i will forever remember your whatsapp telling me how I should guard my heart and not fall into the trap of self-blame and limit myself.
how you showed me how to look upwards at not at my circumstances. how I should lead myself before I can lead anyone else.
how I had to have an attitude of servanthood and be a person of excellence.
how after every discipleship, I leave feeling motivated and compelled to change, yet never condemned.

I really, really, really thank God for giving me a leader and friend like you. (:

thank you muyinggggg. happy birthday, I love you very much! growing old and up with you is one of my greatest privileges. (:


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