when we feel like giving up

we don’t. give. up.


because the higher the calling, the deeper the test.


we fight for what we want and we don’t give excuses.

we pray. we fast. we run. we hide. we do every single thing in our power to do what is right.


…what is right?


when the curtains close and there’s no one else behind, we ask ourselves this question –

we’ll realise we know what to do, we know what is right.

maybe not technically, but we know we are meant to do it.


sometimes it feels like it takes all that we have and all that we are, but we do it anyway.

that’s why sometimes we lose battles, but we still win the war.

that’s why we fight wisely, and not give our attention to every war out there vying for attention.


if something is worth dying for, it is worth living for…and it is worth fighting for.

the greatest regret is to look back and wish you’d had fought for something when you could.


i am never going to let myself come to a point where I realised that I could have done something, but I didn’t.


when you feel like giving up

you don’t. give. up.


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