never let You go

Never Let You Go © 2010 Joe Pringle

Your Love will never fail me
Your name it calms my every sea
Forever, my King forever

My God is bigger than the storm
Beat down the death & won the war
Forever, my King forever

You’re leaning with me through the bends
& You carry me when I give in

When my seas are raging, no I’m not letting go
If my heart is caving, You hold me up with the cross
When my colours’ fading, You paint me with Your love
Oh my fear has hit the ground, I see through the storm

I’ll never let You go


no wonder He told me it is my song for the season.

every single line makes so much sense.
every single word gives me so much strength.
every single note builds up so much faith.

I’ll never let You go. 


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