sitting here with my nose and throat driving me crazy…but I feel compelled to write some things that happened yesterday that I am really grateful for, because I want to make sure that if I ever forget, this entry will remind me. (:

tried to go to xiaowei’s house on my own without her help and i absolutely failed. I should have known better – smartphones are not always reliable, especially when it’s raining cats & dogs and the brainless touchscreen responds to every drop of rain it senses. so yes, me who hates bringing umbrellas out was drenched in the pouring shower from Mother Nature, top to bottom.

to cut the long story short, xiaowei came to my rescue. this girl is so thoughtful. brought out like three towels for me, lent me her thick jacket, gave me warm water, kept asking if I was okay. got someone to buy me water for my throat. texted me just before service to remind me to take care. made me pipagao when I reached her house later. all these things, I must not, will not forget. (:

pingli sharing with me her lozenges the moment she saw me with a mask. yixuan nagging at me like she always does when I’m sick but I know she cares (: kim walking over to me to see if I was okay. charmaine constantly asking me if I feel better. fungqi patting my back when I coughed. euginia lending me her jacket so I could be doubly insulated. yifan, jean and jamie carrying stuff for me and telling me to rest well.

sometimes it’s easy to feel alone, maybe even feel sorry for yourself. but while I have always remembered God is with me, I am very thankful for friends like them who genuinely care. (:

when you feel alone, remember moments like this. remember. don’t forget. maybe, you’re not as alone as you think.

never taking the people in my life for granted. (:


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