depth & conversations

*to start off, I finally figured how to disable the publicizing feature for this space via my social media platforms – so after this no more random posts of my blog on your twitter/facebook pages!* 

nearly getting lost trying to find my way from school to jurong got me stranded on bus rides that added up to over an hour. frustrating, but it gave me time to think and for the writer feels to crawl back slowly. but sadly though I was overwhelmed with bubbling, compelling urges to spew up rumination after rumination conceived during the journey, everything has been forgotten.

but one thing I’ve been thinking a lot though, is depth in relationships.

depth |dɛpθ|noun

4. a point far below the surface

(not sure if anyone’s noticed but I really love definitions hehe)

i remember i used to think that you need to talk to a person every single day in order to have a strong, good relationship. because i made the assumption that if you really love someone, you would want to talk to him/her every single day, know what’s happening in their lives all the time.

now I think about it that’s actually pretty scary, disturbing even. possessive?

while it’s true the friends you love the most are usually people that you will live life and spend time with the most, the best relationship you can have (in my opinion) is when conversations go “far below the surface”. when you talk not just about happenings, experiences…but when you share thoughts, emotions, convictions, dreams, purposes, troubles…and secrets for the closest.

i remember asking myself before, what’s the point of sharing with anyone? and I realise that up till today maybe I haven’t found a clear answer. but yet there is something innate that propels me to want to do so once in awhile. and after thinking about it I realised maybe finding a reason for sharing isn’t the main point of it, maybe it’s something innate, maybe it’s a need to share loads. but one thing I know for sure, it is when conversations get to a deeper level, that relationships get deeper as well.

humans were made for relationships. if not why are relationships the only thing we can bring to heaven? and without deep relationships, there will always be dissatisfaction. maybe that’s why I always feel incongruous when I leave a long gathering/meeting/outing only talking about the “weather” and “what you ate yesterday”.

i find it real amazing when people talk about outings with their leaders that change their lives. it is over a 1, 2 hour meal – and their lives are changed. it takes supernatural favour, wisdom and anointing for one to be able to do that. to talk to someone and be able to know when to listen, when to speak; what to ask, what to respond. words are really very, very powerful – truly there is power in the tongue – to speak death, or to speak life.

so many people in this generation need to hear truth. i want to be the person who looks into the eyes of a girl who doesn’t know who she is in her Creator, telling her that she is loved. that she is smart. that she is gifted. that she is beautiful. that she is valuable. that she is strong. that she has a purpose. that she was created for a reason.

my dream, my goal, is to be like my leaders. change lives through conversations. (: words are powerful.

wisdom in speech. because the kind of conversations we have, determines the depth of the relationships we make.


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