family used to simply mean “a group of people living together”. independence was expected. taking responsibility for yourself.
and not to mention, living in a way that will gain approval. because otherwise, you get disapproval. and disapproval does not feel good. taste rejection. taste fear.

yeah, that’s the word. fear. maybe some of us operate n the realm of fear.

but fear tolerated is faith contaminated. (and by the way, my name is Faith.)

it’s about time I realise that I cannot allow myself to be contaminated…and that means, no more toleration of fear.

fear is overcome with faith, and more than that, love.


this is the generation that elevates being self-reliant a little too much. “I can do it on my own”, “I don’t need anybody”, “I will handle it by myself”;

so often it is stated with an artificial sound of strength but in actual fact, it is an expression of pride, or sometimes just because we don’t really know what it feels like to be able to depend on somebody else.


some walks, yes you need to walk on your own.

but yet in a family, we can rest in the assurance that there is somebody in front, somebody behind, somebody beside.

maybe no one can walk for us. but there are always people that walk with us.


“I’m really okay” is mostly a lie – and family knows that.

family operates not in fear, but love.

not about gaining approval, fighting for attention, doing things right and well all the time.

family is about acceptance, about dependence, about trust, about reliance.


don’t let society make you think needing to depend on others means you’re weak.

it’s not true. leaning on someone doesn’t make you any less strong. it just lifts the burden and makes your load a little lighter. who doesn’t need that?

when there is love, you actually hurt more and feel even heavier when you know someone in the family is going through something and you are unable to share it.


I’m so grateful for the people God has given me in my life. in hoGc, in my CG.

the texts from my leaders like Jieru & Zhilin encourage me so much. Jieru never fails to affirm me. Zhilin never lets me forget that I’m not alone.

my CG friends like Euginia & Kim. it’s not about knowing what to say, but about being there. (:

and Joelle! I know you’re reading this. (: thank you for being with me yesterday. thank you for encouraging me. you are 15 but I never see you that way because you are just so mature. you are such a big person, in your thoughts, your heart for people and a giant in your spirit. you are a great leader, and also an amazing friend. and I am super grateful I got to know you. (:


family. it’s not just a group of people who live together.

“ohana means family. family means nobody gets left behind.” – Lilo & Stitch 

grateful. thank You for family. (:


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