confusion comes about when you want to understand and you can’t.

sometimes naturally we question and we ask how? when? for? whywhywhywhy… 

and we become uncertain and faith leaks because there are just some things we cannot comprehend. the logic gap baffles. and we wonder if we are on the right track, if it is the right thing to do.

Faith does not eliminate questions. But faith knows where to take them.’ – Elizabeth Elliot

this quote cannot be more nicely put.

been swimming in a quagmire of uncertainty and questions that seem to have no answers. but like Martin Luther King said, faith is taking the next step even when we don’t see the entire staircase.

sometimes we just need to remember just one fact: God is in control.

we don’t need answers to move forward. we just need faith.

and, trust. “trust in the hands that were scarred for you.” (Elizabeth Elliot is just amazing)

you won’t need answers as long as you know that the One who has them loves you and has everything under complete control.

I don’t understand many things but I understand one thing – that the love of God is for me – so who can be against me? (:

victory comes daily. we win our own battles – and this time for me, it’s faith vs fear.

i think I’m gonna win today. (:


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