I remember Davy Liu saying, “My strength is knowing my weakness.”

That sentence stood out to me but I never really understood it completely. But I thought about it today and I realised how true it is.

The struggle with low self esteem, thinking you’re not good enough. And the common attempt at comfort people make are “no, it’s not true. You’re good enough…” While that is nice to say, there is undoubtedly difficulty to believe it in our heart to be true.

But maybe that’s just it. We are not good enough. Humans are weak. People are prone to failure. Man is imperfect.

In our own strength, that is truth. so live with it. Because it’s only prideful to think we can do everything by our own abilities.

We try so hard to do well. To impress. To outdo, to outrun. We strive and we climb. We wish and we pray. Waiting for the day we find ourselves good enough..

Because we don’t want to admit that we really cannot do it. Not without another source of strength.

Maybe independence is overrated. It takes strength to be independent, but it takes humility to be dependent. Interdependent, in a team, and – God-dependent.

Say it again: “My strength is knowing my weakness.” And that is why we are vessels of glory. The glory is not ours, but we have the honour of being the reflectors of God’s glory. We are the moon that reflects the light of the Sun.

I may not be the best daughter, the best student, the best leader. But I give my best and You will do the rest.

I plant, You grow.
I build, You establish.
I pray, You answer.

When I know I am weak, then I am strong.


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