happy birthday FL2 (:

you know those people you meet that are one of a kind, and you just know there’s no one like them? yeah that’s her.

i remember meeting this girl on my birthday. i had fun on my birthday and i love how my CG celebrated it, but the best thing about 29/04/2012 was actually getting to know her because my life would be different if I didn’t!

she’s one of the most absurdly smart and talented friends I have, and yet she doesn’t see it (i really wish she does!!!). she’s knowledgable, because of her curiosity which really inspires me – not many people are genuinely curious about things nowadays. you don’t have to score straight As to be smart – she knows more stuff going on in the world around than many bookworms out there (and me ahem haha). AND, she can guess all the names of celebrities you can think of when you play heads up with her. she can play the violin the guitar and the piano – and would probably succeed if she tries any other instrument. she has an incredible ear for sound & music. she can do sports like no guy’s business and basketball teams should be clamouring for her to join them. she has an incredible gifting of being able to walk into a room and change the atmosphere because everyone just loves being around her (if you don’t then that’s a personal problem hahaha). she can make anyone laugh just by being herself. tell me that’s not amazing and i’ll tell you you need a different definition of what amazing is. (;

she’s the only person I have talked to so many times till ungodly hours at night – or should I say wee hours of the morning haha. love all my conversations with her especially those that are spontaneous. sitting in church after the run walk with Jieru, 3 hours talking about life at the airport after sending Jescelyn off for 3 minutes and losing her mum’s umbrella (oops), standing outside Kembangan MRT during chinese new year and after a horrifying chem paper, and just me on my bed LOLing at the most disturbing (kidding) photos ever.

She is sensitive to the feelings of people and is an awesome encourager. I know stalkers are meant to be creepy (kidding she’s not a stalker haha) but this girl knows when and how to cheer me up just by noticing my tweets and blog posts. You don’t have to be a writer, you just got to mean what you say. It is because she is so genuine, her words can have an impact. Her first present to me was a packet of nuts because she asked me in my face what I liked LOL. She alighted at tampines mrt before getting on the train again to go to my house just so she could get me laoban. All these (and more!) i remember and all these show me that this girl has character.

thank you Fellllll, for being you in my life. (: you add so much more to the people and atmosphere around you, and in my life, more than you know! you are special – and when I say you are one of my favourite people in the world, I mean it. (: your past, results and people around you cannot and do not define who you are. you are a daughter of God, God’s unique firefly and made to do great things that only you, FL2, can do. (:

love you to pluto and back! can’t wait to see you tmrw (:



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