appetite can be whetted, but not imposed.

as the title says;

with deliberation, I can dangle the carrot in front of your eyes. I can tell you how beautiful the colour is – the orange of the most glorious sunset, the leaves as green as nature can get. I can describe to you how sweet the carrot tastes; how it is crunchy yet not too dry, how the flavour bursts in your mouth, releasing a sensation that is subtle yet lingers at the tip of your tongue. I can bite into it right in front of you, eyes lit with delight and pure enjoyment. I can chew on it slowly while displaying extravagant pleasure, so that you can’t help but notice. I can tell you the effects of eating it and what can happen when it enters your digestive system – every single benefit you can draw from it. I can call on a party of people to eat it together with me and show you the many living testimonies of what I am trying to entice you with. 

but if there’s something else that captivates you, in your own space, in your own world, I cannot take that away from you. I cannot force you to leave what you love behind, because you make that decision on your own. I cannot change your appetite, and I cannot insert a new hunger. I cannot empty you of your inclinations and cause you to pine for what I wish you do. I cannot use your authority to burn the bridges, nor can I ensure that you use it to do so.

your own walk, my own walk. our own walk. our own decisions. our own lives.

the soul speaks so loudly now. the flesh screams its craving for its desires. I pray, and I pray, and I pray, that soon, the spirit will awaken, that the spirit will shout louder.


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