the merry christmas eve

joy. immense joy exploding from my being at the moment. the past few days its been building up – but tonight, I’m just really happy.

funny though. today was one of the longest days ever, yet I’m so awake right now. it’s really what you do, who you are with, that makes all the difference.

9.40am at the MRT today, to meet the amazing Xu Hui for follow up. was so sleepy initially because of baking the night before but oh it was worth it. more than worth it. this girl is incredible, she really is. and I felt like whatever I shared today wasn’t me speaking, but Someone inside me telling me the words I should speak, teaching me at the same time. surreal, hard to explain, but that’s the only way I can think of to describe it. follow up is one of my favourite things to give, ever, and I think it will always be. (:

meeting people. taking seats (one of the craziest things one can ever do during big days, seriously). worship. testimonies. offering. sermon. altar call. prayer. x2.

so many things I can say…but the best thing ever, the constant best thing, is the presence of God. so tangible, and so close. you can just inhale the atmosphere of faith and sense it touching every pore of your being. leaves you hungry for more.

and…I just gotta mention the people I had the privilege of meeting. I always say that I believe no one steps into HOGC by coincidence, there is always a purpose. and that is what makes it so exciting  – when you’re on the ground you have the honour of being able to meet lives that have been called to encounter God. and every single person I’ve met, not just today but since last Saturday, I love them already. not because of the personalities they have, how interesting they are or what they do, but because there is just something inside of me that gives me a capacity that compels me to do so. the little things some of them have told me, became like clothing that got caught on the branches of a tree – I find myself unable to forget and unable to move forward because I’ve caught the burden to do something about it, to bring them to meet the one that holds the solution to their problem.

people. have I ever mentioned how much I hate crowds? but those are crowds, crowds you see in Orchard Road and Bugis, where the faces don’t matter, the names can’t be distinguished in the buzz because they’re unrelated to you in any way. but this, is different. a people, yet individually known. getting to know more about another’s life makes my heart ache, and also leap, like nothing else can. because I see brokenness in some, emptiness in some, but most of all, most importantly, I see potential. and it makes me so so excited – in fact the word in itself is insufficient to represent how I feel.

sometimes a little terrifying. but my faith is bigger and my God is greater. thank You for the harvest, thank You for the provision and the breakthrough. capacity – enlarge, expand.

happy birthday, to the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Jesus. No other name higher.

Grateful. (:


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