One Life, One Love

We only have one…one life to live, one heart to love. And it matters a whole lot, because it’s one. And who you give it to, can change your destiny, can change your life.

In the notion of surrender, there is a lot of focus on the giving up, on what you are leaving behind.

But let us consider that when one surrenders to his Creator, it may come with a cost, but he is doing what is wise and what he ought.

Because only the Creator knows what His creation was made to be, made to become, meant to achieve. And in surrender, you give your Creator the freedom to make you the best you can be, and in turn, yourself the freedom to be all that you can be.

So at the end of the day, maybe it boils down to the trust you have in the Creator.

Do you trust your Creator to save you in every storm and in every drought?
Do you trust your Creator to mean all things to work together for your good?
Do you trust your Creator to love you despite all the mistakes you have made in your life?
Do you trust your Creator to catch you every moment you fall?
Do you trust your Creator to give you something greater when you give up something that is precious to you?
Do you trust your Creator to satisfy you when you let go of the things that give you temporal security?

Do you trust your Creator? I do.

Because this Creator is a Father. Because this Father is God. And because God is love, and in Him there is no shadow of turning.


One Life, One Love (City Harvest Church)

Who am I
That You would know me from the start
Set me apart

Who am I
That You would place eternity
Into my heart

You have given to me
More than this world can give
My purpose is found in You

One life, I lay at Your altar
One love, I have with You
Touch me again, fill me as You hold
My outstretched hand

One Word, You know I will follow
One heart, broken to You
Use me again, Your mercies follow me
For all my days

In Your presence
In Your power
Holy Spirit, I surrender


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