love life. (:

the benefits of parents going on an overnight stay somewhere to celebrate their anniversary: FREEDOM. and I plan to enjoy it while it lasts. hehe. (: only a little over 24 hours worth of celebration but hey that’s better than nothing.

I’m happy to say that I spent today (Saturday) in the best way possible – in my favourite place with my favourite people. and it felt so surreal to be able to say bye to people who were leaving, instead of me having to get up and drag myself to walk to the MRT earlier than everyone else because I need to be home. ahhh. yes things like that give me great pleasure. hehe. (:

long day today. but I’m so grateful. (:

when Xiaowei & I went to surprise someone with dark chocolate, even though it was just a few minutes after travelling all the way to NEX, it made me smile to see her smile and know that it was worth it.

when I rushed down to service to meet the Sec School people for service, I loved every conversation I had with every single one of them. they’re all bursting with potential and zest for life.

when I sat in service and heard Pastor How preach “Building Your Own Altar”, I was convicted to give my life to Jesus all over again and let no one stumble me.

when I worshipped and let my heart be still, the Voice in my heart assured me that my visions would come to pass and I just have to hang on.

when I shared John 3:16 with a girl who asked me how to be a Christian, it became the highlight of my day because it means the world to me to ignite a new party in heaven because of salvation.

when I saw how a girl squealed at the food in the thermal flask, I melted at the expression on her face because I was happy she was happy.

when I sat in pastoral meeting planning for the people, my heart leaped at the possible leaders and world-changers we are gonna build.

when I spent time encouraging and listening to someone, it made me so determined because I needed her to know I really believed in her, and she did.

when I stepped into the office to say bye to Pastors and leaders, the man I admire the most in my life gave me the assurance and encouragement that I needed to hear.

when I took the train home, I had the most comforting conversation with my leader and friend.


busy day. but so, so fulfilling. so, so happy. (: I love my life. Thank You.


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