the final days

the movie of the few days before Sophie Scholl’s death. the story of these heroes (Sophie Scholl & her brother Hans Scholl) left me questioning myself. thank you Pastor Joakim for sharing with HOGC her story. (:

photo 1

she could say this with such certainty, only because she knew what and Whom she was standing for, and she knew what and who she was fighting against. she believed that there was justice, and she knew that justice would be served in due time. when we choose our battles we choose carefully. some are fought on the basis of pride, others on the heat of emotions. but this was fought for the defense of Truth and the reclamation of freedom – the Cause that is worth fighting for.

photo 4

back to Fifi’s sermon on real relationships… so true that no one who wants to live for God can stand alone. they protected one another, had each other’s backs. they propelled one another – gave each one the courage whenever he/she started to lack it. i love the relationship portrayed between Hans Scholl and Sophie Scholl – probably because they were siblings. nevertheless, their gazes towards each other spoke volumes: “we’re all in this together”, “thank you for sticking with me”, “it’s gonna be ok”, “I love you” – I could hear their voices through their eyes. never gonna forget Pastor How sharing the story about Vincent Van Gogh.. one of the saddest stories I’ve heard in my life. lost potential, lost hope, lost faith, lost love – because of the lack of real relationships. my heart just broke and I swear, I would do anything to make sure that the same situation would never happen to anyone that I have a relationship with.

photo 2

if you don’t already know I can’t cry in movies (yet to find one that has made me turn on the waterworks) but this was the scene that made me feel like crying, not sure why. maybe it’s because of how quick she was to respond with the unchanging assurance that she had in her heart. something that I ought to be grateful for every single day…knowing that my condition is not my conclusion, that the conclusion is eternal life. live life with an eternal perspective, live life courageous and convicted.

photo 3

what can I say for this? plain Truth. pure Truth.

I will stand for Truth, even if I stand alone. 


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