let no one despise their youth (:

realised that even though I’m in JC I’ve been spending most of my time with the secondary school people. But, no way I’m complaining man. I love it.

I love going for each and every single one of the SJC badminton matches and watching them play on the court and cheering for them.

I love randomly meeting any of them, just sitting down, talking and hearing about their lives, and even doing nothing.

I love the crazy nonsensical whatsapps with spams of emojis, and the serious conversations where we share heart till late at night (or until I KO haha oops).

I love travelling down to any of their schools just to see them and make them smile.

I love running on my own around LYSS and believing for a breakthrough.

I love giving follow ups and hearing their questions and their thoughts and experiences.

I love listening to their problems and showing them how they can and will overcome them.

I love seeing them love their friends and honour their leaders.

I love watching them grow in God.

I love the next generation.

I love secondary school people. (but of course I’ll still love them when they grow up hehehe)


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