walk your own walk

been listening to Kim Walker (both her songs and her sharing sessions) and I’m just so moved by the message that flows out of her person. she speaks love, she sings love, every single time. And God is love – probably why she is just so so anointed. this is the message that started my current addiction with listening to her, if you want to listen to it too. (:

everyone has their own walk. and everyone is responsible for their own walk. our walk with God flows out of the revelation we have of Him. how much our heart grasps the love of God, and the greatness of God – determines how much we desire to draw near to Him, and ultimately how close we are to Him.

never forget the encounter you had with God. sometimes we are just too impatient, or sometimes we walk offended for one moment too long. sometimes we just gotta wait a little longer, sometimes we got to simply let go. maybe there are times we go and we leave feeling like nothing has been done – but maybe we got to remember that someday, one day, we will walk in the fruit of that moment. because the moments we don’t seem to experience anything, the moments we think maybe weren’t enough for God – He was just waiting to see if we would simply trust that there would be a time where we will know that we are where we are because of those moments we had. never forget the love of God you once felt, never forget the time when you first encountered God and heard His voice. because when you remember, you will ravenously hunger and fight for the next encounter. 

that’s why I tell myself I can never let go of a single opportunity to encounter God. whether it is a service, a CG, or just my time alone. despite the circumstances, despite my condition. because I am coming to understand that one encounter with God can change your life, and I am a firm believer that every moment in the presence of God is an opportunity to be radically transformed. while I am not saying it happens every single time, I am saying that it is never a waste of time because God never forgets, God never neglects. and one day, you will walk in the fruit of that moment you took out to spend with Him.

this is why I love Kim Walker: as desperate as she is for people to encounter the love of God, I am too. I am desperate, more than desperate – words are not sufficient to express my desperation – for people to understand how valued they are for simply who they are; for people to understand the immense power that lies within their being; for people to understand the awesome purpose that has been planned for their lives, the great destiny they have ahead of them. desperate.

yet it is our own walk. I can only walk my own walk and pray that I will not be walking alone.


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