Build with Purity

Absolutely loving the heaven series. New perspectives. So true.

Funny how I used to doubt myself because I thought I needed the affirmation from a title, but now that I’ve been given the privilege to hold it, I don’t feel like anything’s changed. And now I understand, that’s the whole point anyway.

All that has been done, I thank God it was done the way I was. Because this way I know why I did what I did, and I know why I will continue doing what I do, regardless.

Let loving and leading people always be done with utmost purity. Let me always have an understanding that it is always about shepherding His flock, and not mine.

Guard my heart from discouragement and faith shall be my eyes this season. For I do not see how all of it is now, at this moment, but I look through the perspective of the One who gives me strength to build and I know all things are possible.

Running for the crowns to cast at the feet of my God. But also…for you, you and you and you, to be casting crowns right beside me. Because deep inside my heart I know that we were all called to be chosen, but you need to hear the call..

You are worthy of all that is within me, all that is of me, and more.


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