such power in remembering.

sometimes we condemn ourselves too quickly, condemn others too quickly. we forget where we first started, where others came from. because we see where we have yet to go, we count the steps that we have ahead to take, and hardly think about looking back to see how far we have walked since day 1.

it really helps to remember – the mess that you were from the very beginning, the tests that you passed along the way, the people who brought you to where you are today. and gratitude will bring you back to a place of contentment. not satisfaction – because in life it is scary to be satisfied and lack hunger for progress. but to be contented – to realise that where you are is worth rejoicing over, to be grateful with all that there is, and be hopeful for the future.

I guess as a leader, it helps to remember where the people you lead first started too. sometimes amidst the new issues popping up, the problems and clearing the webs, it is encouraging to just remember how far the people have come. works for me – gives me the strength and the motivation to love again, sow again, build again, pray again, love again…

faithfulness. You’ve never failed, and You won’t start now. thank You Jesus for the past, the present and the future.



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