Best Pastors :)

Just a random thought..

Pastors don’t need to reply to my instagram post. So many notifications. So many people.

But they still do.. They still do..
Because they love each and every single member in the church. Whether they are veterans or new members. Pastors take up the responsibility not just as our pastors. But our spiritual parents.

Never gonna forget how Pastor Lia saw the long queue at the female bathroom and opened up her guest toilet because she didn’t want us to have to wait for too long, and she trusted we would keep it clean.

Never gonna forget how Pastor How unashamedly, genuinely tells the church how much he loves preaching to us, always telling us that he wouldn’t wanna go anywhere but here if he had a choice.

Grateful, more than grateful for the best pastors, the best role models, the best spiritual parents.

Now it’s my turn to rise up to be a better spiritual daughter.


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