the reason behind the HSM favourite

such a funny thing to write about at this time of the night but I finally figured it out. the reason for the compelling urge to stay up late late late at night once exams are over to do something as superficial as watching high school musical. guess i never knew that i would love something as predictable so much, that my heart would melt watching the scenes between the screen-perfect couple, that I could up till right now appreciate the music I sang over and over again as a child/new teenager.

but i was watching the first part of the three-movie sequel and it just struck me nearing the end – i love this movie so much because it’s about relationships, it’s about teams. and that’s exactly what catches me, what makes me so happy watching it. and I just feel the need to talk about it because i’m so excited that I finally know what I’m attracted to (and of course to justify to myself why I wasn’t wasting my time watching the movie ha ha ha).



first type of scenes in HSM that makes me wanna replay them over and over again – the short moments when troy and gabriella have deep conversations. about their true feelings, their inner thoughts, their future, their fears, their dreams. above the boy-girl relationship I think what I love to watch is how two people are vulnerable and transparent with one another, the trust they can establish, and being real. made me think about the own relationships i have in my life, and also what kind of relationship I wanna have in the future. so true that the depth of a relationship can go as deep as how willing both parties are to be honest and genuine with each other. grateful for friends in my life that I can be true to myself with, and also grateful for those who are transparent with me as well. challenges me to be even more real as a person, to not slip into putting on a facade to protect myself out of my own insecurities. i guess i’ve observed this too often, both in myself and in people surrounding me. and those relationships always end up hitting a wall. guess it struck me that the inability to be vulnerable is rooted to the inability to trust, which is rooted in the lack of faith in relationships. so guarding my heart for real relationships.. (and of course, it helps that they’re so sweet with each other but that’s the embarrassingly girly side of me already)


187915_3                nighttoremember10

LOVE, mega LOVE the teamwork exhibited in all 3 movies of HSM. From the storyline to what goes on behind the scenes to make it work. The chemistry, the fire to make each other better, the willingness to cover each others’ backs, the heart to believe in each other. Makes me smile. (:

“Everyone is special in their own way
We make each other strong
We’re not the same, We’re different in a good way
Together’s where we belong”

I used to think I was born individualistic. More suited to working alone. But what SP How shared during VBS really struck me – we are individuals but we can’t be individualistic people. There is power in the team. Personal achievements bring personal glory, but team achievements bring collective victory. And collective victory is so much sweeter. To be able to pull the strengths of each and every individual together to build on one another. I love making people successful. I love covering up someone’s weakness and seeing the potential in them. I love magnifying someone’s strengths. I love running towards a vision with people beside me. I love being inspired by people in front of me, and pulling forward the people behind me. Heart of God church taught me how to be a leader – but heart of God church taught me first and foremost how to be a daughter, and also a team player. Still learning, still growing.. I believe in the power of the team. (:

ok so after typing this, i am more than convinced that HSM is a good movie. and I no longer feel guilty about spending my time watching it. it does have substance. HAHA.

relationships.. teamwork. so apt for the season. (: time to grow.


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