Mercy by Matt Redman has been replaying over and over in my head.. (: can worship with it forever.

really grateful for AE. so true that it is possible to do well AND do good at the same time. very encouraged by Chyi Fang, she is my role model for what it really means to depend on God for the upcoming A-levels. (:

was just thinking about something SP How shared in the sermon the River of God (Part 2) that I listened to yesterday. sometimes we tend to give God a time limit, and tell Him when to appear, when we want to encounter Him. sounds ridiculous, but we do that because we have so many things in our schedule. but it is really those moments when there is a sudden tugging to pray, a random urge to worship in the midst of whatever busyness there is in life, that the presence of God is so tangible, so real. it’s whether we are willing to flow, willing to turn aside and put down anything just so we don’t miss the opportunity for an encounter.

those times in my life that I chose to turn aside, are so precious. in my heart I just know that I know that God is good, 100+++% good. (: it’s sad when people think that walking away is the better option, because they end up realising sooner or later that human strength is fallible. so thankful, so thankful that God is always there, that agape never fails, that I can be secure about my future even though I don’t know the full picture.

God assured me today that it is worth it, everything hasn’t been done in vain, fruit will bear forth. challenged to go a little further, do a little more, hang on a little longer. and what’s more, every day i love doing what I do more and more. sacrifices are little in light of what God can do through those who are willing to let Him move in them.

back to the history notes.. but happy because I know that never once will I ever walk alone. for You are faithful. (:

thankful for a God that is so real in my life.



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