who Love is

Father, I love it when you speak…

the still voice that guards my mind with peace;
the small voice that assures & strengthens my heart;
the Words that put faith in my spirit.

such a burden for my heart to expand. wanna love people even more, carry them in my heart and in my spirit. so many broken people out there who are lost, who are jaded, who are hurt, who are far away from where they ought to be. so grateful that God has put all of these people in my life, yet I also know that it is also about God putting me in their lives, and there is a purpose and a calling. the need is the call.

my heart is crying. not because i find the situation hopeless, but precisely because I KNOW there is hope. oh the destinies that I see, the potential that I sense, the future that I perceive. and I know that I know that in God, with the right people and environment, oh..the great things they will do, the amazing ways God can use them.. so excited as I start to learn to see them through a greater perspective. yet my heart is on fire…because I just pray that God will protect them, protect their destinies. protect them from anything that has been and is and will be going against them. oh God.. this generation belongs to you..

today God spoke. He always hears the cry in our hearts.

“As much as you can hold Me in your heart, you can hold others.”

hit me right in my spirit. of course. in the first place, we love because He first loved us. what is love, who is love, if we are not in direct contact with Love Himself? if I wanna love anyone at all, it gotta start with the Person, not the feeling, the concept, the idea nor the action.

Let me love You all over again, like you have never been loved..then You will enable me to love others, like they have never been loved, until they know who Love is..



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