carpe diem

never really heard many people talk about Robin Williams till today… besides his role in Dead Poets’ Society I didn’t really know much about him. but from all the posts, I figure he was (and still is), a pretty inspirational and prominent figure in the world of idealism and film.

my heart just broke when I heard that he committed suicide though… pretty ironic how he said “Carpe Diem”… seize the day… and yet he wasn’t able to. and for some reason it hit me so hard that I won’t be seeing this amazingly talented guy in heaven.

struck me that it’s so true how things on earth are only temporal…and how creativity is indeed a big black hole. all the talent cannot fill up the emptiness in one’s soul.

how I wish someone would have done a carpe diem for this man. for all we know salvation could have saved his life, for all we know salvation could have let him live out a different destiny, a greater one too.

such a heaviness because of this, can’t imagine how it’d feel for someone close to me. I pray that somehow, his death would not be in vain..

the role as a witness is key, is crucial, is so important…salvations..oh God, use me…


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