happy birthday SuAnn (:

here’s to a very special friend:

I first knew her as who she appeared to be on stage – yet I soon found out it wasn’t a stage appearance but a glimpse of herself because she’s the same wherever, whenever, off stage & on stage.

I remember her testimony not because of what she said but because of the purpose she stood for and Whom she represented; you could see the fire in her eyes burning for eternity and the kind of compassion in her heart that defines world changers

we became friends just because of the person she is – constantly generous with her words of affirmation. Just that one tweet and before I knew it, I had a new friend.

Su, you inspire me with the faith that flows out of you when you speak – constantly calling forth things unseen, consistently believing and refusing to doubt.

You propel me with the bigness in your thinking – smart, selfless and secure in who you are.

You humble me with your humility – the awareness that you are nothing and unable without the Person you came from and the place that built you.

You awe me with your simplicity – the simple love, respect and honour you have for God and for others 24/7.

Funny, we’ve only went out together twice. But every conversation with you I leave amazed, sharpened and hungering to love God, people and life more.

You represent revival, you encompass encouragement, you personify Presence and you live Love.


“The seasons of life don’t change because of the time that passes or the days that go by, but by the people who leave and by the people who enter.”

I thank God you entered my life, Su! It is a privilege to be able to call you my friend, to run this race with people like you who pull me upwards and forward. And like you always, always say…the future is gonna be amazing 🙂 🙂 love you v much! 🙂


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