long day today…most of it spent on Knowledge and Inquiry. haha.

but very grateful for the new strength that I’ve found inside of me. always thought that strength is something you pray for and God just gives. while that still stands, I’ve realised that strength can be derived from a God-perspective. when you start to lift up your thoughts and go above thoughts of the flesh to the thoughts that are higher. 🙂 

have just been feeling so thankful for everyone that is in my life.. never take what I have and where I am for granted. not a perfect life. but still, it is an honour and a privilege to be doing what I do with the people that I live life with. and excited for the revival, excited for the breakthroughs. just thinking about all these makes me so excited. and give me the strength to conquer, to go a little further, do a little more, withstand a little further.. 

not gonna fear the upcoming season.. gonna be tough, but also gonna be the time where God shows up the most. 

clinging on to faith, believing for the best, preparing for the possibilities. 

but at the end of the day, guard my heart and smile. You are good forever and Your love endures. 🙂 


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