price already paid

Just a thought..

Absurdity is to see a man sleeping on the streets when someone has already paid for his house. And if I paid for that man’s house, I would be frustrated. Disappointed. Unable to comprehend why anyone would continue living the homeless life when the price has already been paid.

Too many people forget that the price has been paid. They live their lives under the bondage of sin, bound by the chains of fear, insecurity, pride, anger, lies…and Jesus is just up there watching, remembering the nails, the thorns, the blood, the whip, the cross. And I can just imagine Him saying, why are you still in chains? Why are you not walking into the freedom that I have released you into? Why are you not washing yourself with the blood that I’ve already shed that redeems you from destruction?

Funny thing is that some of them know the price has been paid but they live their lives otherwise.

Remember the cross. Remember the grave that has been conquered. Remember the One who died for you. Remember that it is finished.

Oh… That Jesus will not be made cheap…


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