11 more days

so…it’s 11 more days.

feel like I have been living life only 10% conscious of A-levels. haha. not really because I’m in denial, or that I couldn’t care less. I guess it’s just because my life really doesn’t revolve around studying, since there are much greater things to be concerned about 🙂 though…it is true that I really need to get into a local uni. that I really need to do well. so…this season, focus, Faith. your straight As.. haha

the only regret I have for the past season, is that there were many nights where I should have pushed myself harder, but I ended up KO-ing and falling asleep instead of hitting the notes and books.

but other than that.. truly I can say that there are no regrets. haha. every single moment of my life given to God has always been my 101%.

let this be the benchmark, the standard for the CG. especially LR50. my dream is to build a CG that will give God their best even in the most pressing, stressful seasons. A generation of people that will never compromise on putting God first in their lives.

now…11 more days…it’s time to give God my best in my studies. let’s do this.


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