To a fellow fighter…

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I feel a lot for you because while our battles are of a different nature, it is part of the same war. And today I want you to remind you that you do not fight alone.

It is this war that taught me faith. The substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen. Faith takes up space. Faith demands a fighter to let it in when she feels like she is emptied of her strength. Faith commands fear to exit to make room for it to channel a higher Power. And once faith leaked this war taught me how to draw more from the word, the source of faith Himself. Because you walk through this deep valley, you will move higher mountains. Because you fight the hard battles, you will conquer greater grounds. Because you are broken, you will speak with depth and anointing.

It is this war that taught me hope. Desiring for what has yet to come, waiting with perseverance. Like you said, you live to fight another day. And every morning a fighter wakes up not in trepidation and trembling but with a great expectation in her heart, that something will get better, that something will change. The circumstances are bleak but there is a light that refuses to be dimmed. Hope can be dashed, it can be targeted but it will refuse to be stolen if you guard it. Hope is when everything looks like it has come to a standstill or a decline, but you look up to see the stars and know that in the dark, the stars speak the brightest of the visions, the dreams, the promises that have been spoken into your heart – and you hold on to the stars and you believe again.

It is this war that taught me love. Where the fighter feels the most torn and conflicted, she sees that someone being the channel of opposition doesn’t equate to him/her being the source of it. And as you fight the right enemy you start to look beyond the flurry of harsh words and the intrusive invasions of privacy. For the first time in my life, this was when I looked beyond the stares and heard above the voices that injected fear and at times anger into me, to feel for and to have compassion. I learnt to honour as I should and I learnt to love as I previously didn’t know how. To be able to stand with a holy defiance and yet to see the void that you might potentially fill by being who you are.

To you, a fellow fighter…Pst How said to me during one of my darkest seasons – you may lose a few battles but you will win the war. You are one of the greatest fighters, the strongest warriors and the toughest girls I have heard of. I respect you and I call you hero. The higher the calling, the deeper the test. Standing with you, my fellow fighter. (:


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