there are many battles in life but we don’t have the time nor the energy to fight every single one. so we choose.

there are the daily battles that initially, require a deliberate effort to conquer. to quell the thoughts from Insecurity, from Fear, from Pride. but we cannot fight them the same way forever. these things can’t grow bigger but we can. there has to come a point of time in life where we grow bigger than them, so daily battles become weekly battles, then monthly… maybe it’s not entirely possible to ever stop fighting in the battlefield of the mind, but it is possible to train to fight lesser, fight faster, fight better.

there are the artificial battles. those are the battles that are not real battles but actually distractions, disguised to be battle-worthy. it always starts with distraction. but then, distraction is what causes dislocation. and when something is dislocated it hurts and there creeps in deception. and once you are deceived you fall onto the road of destruction. we see those wars and we don’t play around. we don’t mess with them but we make a choice to back off – not out of fear, not because we lack the courage or the faith. but because we recognise that artificial battles are faulty training grounds. the places where energy is wasted. where victory wouldn’t be that sweet and worth the bloodshed. and so, we walk away.

then there are the real battles. those are the battles that are part of the real war. the big war. the one war. these battles, many times you know when they’re coming, sometimes they catch you by surprise. but you look into the eyes of those on the opposite side and you realise that at the core of their stares, it is the same person. it is the same enemy. and there is only one enemy. and something rises up on the inside of you because you know that this is the battle you wanna fight because it is worthy of being fought for. you know that when you fight for this war it is gonna be for that one Cause that you have decided to give your life to, that you have decided to die for. and you fight, all of your energy channelled and streamlined. you hold up the Armour from the greatest source and you battle, unafraid, unashamed & unapologetic. because even if you lose a battle, the bigger war will be won. and you know that you fight for the right Person, the right Cause – and you fight from a victory that was obtained and paid for 2000 years ago.

something struck me. “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” – exactly. The war has already been won – in heaven. the King has done His job and conquered His ground, conquered His grave. and ultimately, everything has been done, “it is finished”. Then why are we here, that is the question. To conquer the territory that we were born and called to conquer. to bring the will of heaven right down to earth because at the end of the day, victory is His in both arenas.

“Yet who knows if you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” 

and we always always remember that we never fight alone.


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