faith is not a feeling


What is the purpose of miracles? 


What is the purpose of failure? 

All on the opposite ends of the spectrum, the latter sometimes seems more plausible. but, there is always a but. BUT GOD.

I have started to question the nature of believing for miracles, having faith for them to happen. Kinda funny how it is so easy one to trust God for a miracle for another, and yet struggle and grapple with the possibility for oneself. At the back of our heads we know. We know that God loves everyone equally. we know that God has no favourites. Yet the irony – the persistence of a reluctance to believe.

Faith is not a feeling. It can no longer remain as sweeping statements that are proclaimed dismissively, no longer a casual remark that leaves a hollow echo. No longer waiting for the emotional surge that arises out of hyped experiences, no longer an attempt to pretend that everything is ok.

But faith.. it is a substance. It refuses to peel itself off the skin of your heart when you feel like giving up. It takes up space and if you let, demands you to make room for it. it makes you remember that Someone has always been faithful… that Someone is in control… that Someone never lets you down..

If Mary could believe in immaculate conception (for the birth of a saviour)… if Abraham could believe in fatherhood at a 100 years old (for the legacy of mankind).. if  Moses could believe for the parting of the Red Sea (for Israel’s freedom)… if the woman who touched the garment could believe for healing…

If my Pastors could believe in a bunch of crazy young youth (that can change their worlds for Jesus)…

And if God is the same yesterday, today and forever – then who am I to deny the existence of miracles?

At the end of the day it has always been about purpose. and it is always that one purpose – to glorify.

So, whether miracle, or failure – let it be. Into Your hands, I commit again – with all I am. 

love this song (: needed it

“Faith Is Not A Feeling”

I remember when Your light came in.
I was ten years old with the faith of a kid,
I felt like I could walk on water then,
Wish that I could feel that again.

But I have learned that feelings come and go,
And we all know emotions ebb and flow.
Some days I gotta trust what I already know
That You never let go, You never let go.

So when I don’t feel You moving,
That doesn’t mean that You have disappeared.
And when I don’t feel You with me, oh God
That doesn’t mean You’re not here.

So I keep on believing, yeah
Cause faith is not a feeling, oh
Yeah I keep on believing, yeah
Cause faith is not a feeling, oh

There are days I hear You loud and clear,
Like nothing in the world could interfere.
And I can sense You deep, deep down in my bones,
And I know I’m not alone, I know I’m not alone.

Don’t matter what comes my way
Gonna keep, keep believing
Even on my darkest days
Gonna keep, keep believing


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