7 more days

IMG_1040Never in my life have I wanted something so badly before. Never. I’m not even kidding.

The thought of ending this monster named A-levels literally pervades my mind almost every second. I checked the dictionary: to pervade means to be present and apparent throughout – exactly. The taste, the smell, the sight, the feel, the sound of ending lingers at the back of my mind and bounces to the front almost every second. Exciting yet distracting. Oh, so distracting. Which is why I need to pen (or should I say type) this all out now to get it off my mind (hopefully) and bring my focus back to my best friend Econs.

I think I am so blessed and lucky though. I have so much to look forward to after A-levels. Not to watch movies, sleep more etc. But my heart is burning, burning so badly to go for outings, give follow ups, have PMs, surprise people etc etc etc. Oh so badly. 25, 55, 1000, 4000 is engraved in my thoughts and the core of my being, I can feel them in my bones. LIVES. DESTINIES. PURPOSE. VISION. DREAMS.

Right now, I am a lion that is roaring to get out of its den. A fish in the tank that wants to get out into the ocean. A butterfly waiting to burst out of its cocoon. A bird preparing to fly out of its cage into the sky. (I have no idea why all the metaphors are animal-related) This is an inadequate description but it will have to do.

Oh God, help me to FOCUS. These are the right things to think about but probably, at the wrong time. A very wrong time. I need to do well and get into a local university – God’s with me but I need to play my part and make it happen.

7 more day Faith.. patience… and I will be all ready for GROWTH. STRENGTH. REVIVALS.

7 more days.


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