A few minutes of unnecessary rambling before I hit the sheets. 🙂 Can’t continue History any longer so I have decided to attempt to wake up early (I really must!!)

The feeling of ending is getting nearer and nearer. Really can’t wait. Super excited and still perpetually thinking of all that I will do. But in the midst of this, Bishop Bronner just tweeted something that I really like.

Your greatest contribution may not be something you do but someone you raise.

Love this to the max. It is so true. Sometimes it is not about the things we do but the people that we sow into. The whole concept of being a king-maker rather than simply a king. Powerful thought. The feeling of making people successful is just amazing.

More than just the things that I do after the next 5 days…let my focus be on lives, on people. The difference I will make will not be found in the material nor the explicitly tangible. But I pray and I hope whatever I do the most, it will be in the background, the unseen, the significant. The one that will add the most value to the Kingdom of God.

And it is such an awesome thought to think that maybe, we can be makers of king-makers. Just like SPs. 🙂

In the mean time, flu is persisting and it is getting annoying. ): Gonna be better when I wake up. Morning TWG before spending 2 hours per compiled set of notes MAX, followed by skimming through UN and intense memorisation. That’s 10 hours + probably another 5 more. WITHOUT distractions and procrastination and daydreaming. Meaning, I really need to focus and make the last papers my very best.

And I have full confidence that God is gonna show up again. Regardless of how, He will manifest His faithfulness in my life, and I will respond with ever-expounding awe and gratitude.

Sleep. 4 hours later, it’s gonna be the start of a great day. 🙂


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