Million Dollar Arm


so, so in love with this story after watching the movie. what makes it even better is that it is based on a true-life experience.. shows you how what is being depicted is so real.

while watching it, felt very grateful for Pastors who believe in training, but more than just believing in training – personally going down to the ground to train instead of just throwing the young people to the side for others to deal with, only reaping the benefits. I really believe that is why hoGc can be a successful youth ministry today. because we have spiritual parents who first believed in young people not in just their words but in their actions and their heart. when I saw how JB left the Indian boys to train on their own at first, I winced. when he called them “investments” in monetary terms – my heart broke. haha. and it is just a movie. but I guess it is because to me, it is almost dehumanisation. when you start to use people to fulfil a task  – you devalue the person, disregard the person. but I smiled when JB started to go for their trainings. when he told them that they could never let him down. when he fought for their 2nd tryout. again it was just a movie – but I love it when I see eyes light up because they know someone believes in them. I love it when people know that they are loved for who they are and not how they perform..

one of my fav scenes:

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 6.41.35 pm“All my life I wanted to be a baseball player… But I never thought that it would be possible… You – Rinku, you – Dinesh, you are baseball players now, real baseball players. Now small boys in India, they can dream to become like you. So, let’s go… I’m seeing my dream in the both of you. Your victory, my victory.”Amit, The Million Dollar Arm

So many people, they don’t even dare to acknowledge their dreams because they think it would be impossible. It is one thing to dare to dream again, to be able to see your dream come to pass. but I feel what is even more powerful, is when your dream is the trigger for the birth of many more dreams. because no one would dare to dream until the first person dreams that dream. AND, when you start to see your dream being fulfilled by another person.. you decide whether you wanna be resentful, or you wanna be a king-maker. and that’s exactly who Amit is — a coach, a king-maker. where you take ownership of another person’s success and you do everything you can to make him/her great. where their fall is your fall, their win is your win.. that’s true significance.

it’s always about people. always about believing in them, loving them. that’s why we don’t use people to build the church… it is about using the church to build people. the best investment is when you invest in people.. not necessarily monetarily profitable.. but definitely eternally valuable.. 🙂


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