Many things to settle, but need to get this out first because I know after this, I will be very motivated to go on. 🙂

Only tuesday (technically wednesday because its 12.55am already) and I am just thinking to myself… wow.. I really love my life.

Yesterday, hung out with Yanxin & Heidi.. 2 very inspirational people.. moving on to testimony training, youth leaders training.. learnt so much and so excited to be back serving. Ending off with dinner with kim and cel.. so excited for where God is going to bring them to and how He will use them..

Today, a faith-filled ND PM with the most on-fire people… follow up with Wynne – this girl will do great things for God.. followed by dinner with Jieru and amazing people with visions that are gonna translate into reality – and of course, as usual, inspired and touched by Jieru all over again.. 🙂

(my sentences are really incoherent which I can’t stand but, it is really how I feel atm haha)

ignite |ɪgˈnʌɪtverb: catch fire or cause to catch fire

this is what happens when you spend time with the right people. especially hanging out with my leaders. something just ignites on the inside of me. no longer overwhelmed or afraid that I can’t cope. but a new fire and a passion to love God, serve God, love people, serve people all over again.

God use me.. use me like how You are using my leaders.. give me the skills.. the wisdom.. the heart, to ignite dreams and visions for You..

this season.. gonna run.. no weapon formed against us shall prosper.

and just need to declare it.. one day.. one day I will be on staff.. loving what I do.. doing what I love.. one day..


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